A look at my career history.

Personal Statement

Being a valuable asset is very important to me and I hope to find a position where my information technology background combined with my ability to learn new skills quickly and willingness to take on new challenges would lead to a successful collaboration.


Strong Communication Skills:  Proven track record of understanding and servicing client needs as well as facilitating inter-office communication and resolving conflicts.

Self-Efficient & Team Player: Reliably completes tasks independently and seeks out new assignments but finds collaborating with others invigorating.

Technical Prowess: Proficient in multiple software packages including Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Video Editing and Online Multimedia Production software. Experience with and knowledgeable about multiple online applications and systems as well as social media technologies. Fluent in HTML, DHTML, and CSS.

Organized and Dedicated: Experienced in creating timelines and scheduling staff. Able to keep order even under duress and anticipate and accommodate project requirements, committed to meeting and exceeding expectations.

Current Employment

2002 - Present
Research Associate, Information Architect
Institute for Simulation & Training (IST) - University of Central Florida (UCF)

In addition to continuing the duties of my former Computer Applications Coordinator position, I also supervise other web development staff, delegate incoming project work, meet with clients to report project milestones, provide customer support to clients and their staff, train and assist clients and internal staff on the use of web applications, make programming decisions, conduct regular evaluations of project status and work completed, contribute to written proposal materials, write and maintain marketing materials for all of our projects, and consult on the choice and use of learning and content management systems.

New duties include marketing, graphics, and printing support at IST. This duties include managing the graphics support budget and student assistant, handling and coordinating print job requests; refreshing and buying new graphics supplies; designing and coordinating IST marketing materials such as posters, brochures, and handout; coordinating and managing IST’s exhibit participation in the annual I/ITSEC convention at the Orange County Convention Center; and assisting other IST personnel with reporting and other information/publication needs.

2016 – Present
Database Design Consultant
Adecco Staffing USA

Provide consultation and assistance making updates to staffing databases and reports to include the verification of reported data, creation of new queries, and investigating and troubleshooting errors in data entry and reporting.

Work History

2012 – 2013
Wordpress/Website Development Consultant
Idea Connection Systems®

Assisted in maintaining and updating the Idea Connection Systems website to include training staff on how to use Wordpress and make updates to purchased themes. Consulted on design and development of product targeted new website and then assisted in setting up a new Wordpress install for the site and implementing purchased theme and customizations to the design for the new site.

2003 – 2008
Quality Assurance Consultant
American Museum of Natural History

Performed quality assurance/usability tests across OS platforms using all versions of browser software that might be used to view new sites being developed for the Museum. This included their Kids & Families interactive Oology website (Marine Biology, Genetics, Biodiversity, Astronomy, Paleontology, Archaeology, Meet the Ologists) and their Seminar on Science Course Sites (SOS Main Site Redesign; Genetics, Genomics, Genethics; Earth: Inside and Out; Dinosaurs Among Us: The Link to Birds; Frontiers in Physical Science; Diversity of Fishes). This was freelance work that ended when they began conducting their QA in-house.

2000 – 2002
Computer Applications Coordinator

In addition to the duties of my former Information Specialist position I also conducted and ran beta-testing of dynamic web applications before their distribution online, researched new technologies and products and made recommendations on which to use/purchase, provided costumer service for web site clients, hired and trained new web development staff, collaborated with programmers on database and web application user interface design, and provided monthly activity reports. I was then promoted into a full-time benefited position with additional responsibilities.

1998 – 2000
Information Specialist

Built and maintained client websites on time-sensitive deadlines, reviewed and finalized edits and updates by other web development staff, assisted in creating and applying user interface designs to web applications, wrote documentation and online help for web applications. After graduating with my B.A., I moved into a new position with more responsibilities.

1997 – 1998
Web Development Assistant

Built and maintained client websites using basic HTML and graphic editing skills as a part-time student hire until I was moved into a full-time position.

1997 – 1998
Sales Associate
Universal Studios Florida

Sold and stocked merchandise at Universal Studios Florida. Was stationed in the Universal Studios Store but occasionally filled in as a street vendor during special events as well. Left when I was offered a full-time position in an area relating directly to my career path.


B.A. in English: Technical Writing, University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL (2000)

A.A. in English, Indian River Community College, Fort Pierce, FL (1996)